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                • School of Dentistry building


                Modern Educational Technology Center(METC) is the informationization management section of CAFUC. It functions as the integrated entity of informationization management, scientific education research, teaching information management, and the teaching appliances maintenance. METC consists 3 sections: the section of network and information, the section of educational techicque research, and the section of teaching facilities maintenance. METC has 21 staff members, including 1 senior engineer, 8 engineers, and 2 lecturers.

                METC's main function is:

                • (1)to plan and implement the university's informationization

                • (2)to construct, manage and maintain the campus network

                • (3)to establish the platform for modern educational techicque

                • (4)to develop related electronic softwares

                • (5)to instruc in application of the modern educational techicque nicque

                • (6)to develop the network-based classrooms and long-distance education

                • (7)to manage and maintain all the computer rooms,language labs and other multimedia classrooms

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