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                • School of Dentistry building

                Overseas Flight School Cooperative Training Declaration An Invitation Letter to Overseas Flight School Cooperative Training

                As the oldest and biggest pilot training school in China, Civil Aviation Flight University of China regularly and stably provides batches of pilots in the modification training of first officer for all domestic airlines in China, and keeps a long-term cooperative partnership with the overseas flight schools in pilots' training. Therefore, the overseas flight schools could be our partners in pilots' training under the fundamental requirements as follows:

                1. The host country is the signatory party to the International Civil Aviation Convention, and establishes the diplomatic relations with China;

                2. The qualification certificate by the host country's civil aviation authorities or equivalent certification for at least five years, among which the American flight schools should be approved by FAR-141, EU countries and Canadian flight schools need the ATPL qualification by their civil aviation authorities, and equivalent qualifications for other countries;

                3. The valid Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Instrument Rating, Multi-engine rating training qualifications for at least two years by the host country's civil aviation authorities;

                4. The training qualification of ATPL theoretical knowledge by the host country's civil aviation authorities;

                5 The experiences of pilots' license training for the airlines;

                6 Over two-year high performance aircraft training experiences if required for possible high performance aircraft training;

                7. Over ten full time pilot instructors with at least one year working time in the school;

                8. Own more than ten aircrafts for training;

                9. Keep a healthy record and have no accident in flight training for the latest three years;

                10. Approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) to train pilot cadets from the airlines by Part 121; Training capacity no less than 60 per year;

                The conditions above demonstrate the cooperative basis and our open and positive attitude. Any further inquiries and communications are welcome with our International Cooperation Department, and the mutual success is anticipated.

                Contacts: ANNE LIAO

                TEL: 86 838 5183504

                FAX: 86 838 5191777

                E-MAIL: xqliao@cafuc.edu.cn