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                • School of Dentistry building


                Maintenance Division of CAFUC was set up in 1957. It is an organization chiefly in charge of coordinating and dealing with maintenance business in the four flight colleges(namely, Xinjin Flight College, Mianyang Flight College, Guanghan Flight College and Luoyang Flight College) Suining Aviation Station and Aircraft Maintenance Base.

                Maintenance Division has four sections,which are as follows:

                Maintenance Management Section:

                The Administration Office arranging the airworthiness business and maintenance program of four the four flight colleges and overhaul or deep inspection of our University's aircrafts at the Aircraft Maintenance Base.

                Technical Section:

                It is the technical management office handling all aircraft documentation and airworthiness information. It is also responsible for the documentation notification and delivery to the servicing fields.

                Parts-supplying Section:

                It is the Parts-supplying management office dealing with purchase and maintenance of parts as well as compensation claim. It also coordinates the serving fields in work and supervises the order and use of the expensive parts.

                Training Section:

                It is license management office all maintenance personal training and examination. It also organizes all Training Section---It attends to the training and examination for CAAC aircraft maintenance licence and arranges the maintenance license refreshing programs for all the maintenance personals in each maintenance center.

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